Relay module 1-ch with wireless RF remote control 1-ch




This item is a wireless remote controlled module with a battery operated transmitter fob. It provides a means of remotely switching a high powered device from up to 10 meters distance. The receiver module contains a relay with a set of clean contacts (NO & NC) which can be used to switch an electrical device of up to 10A at 250V AC or 30V DC and set of screw terminals allows for easy connection to the relay. Pressing the button on the transmitter will actuate the relay on the receiver module for as long as the button is pressed and the transmitter is in range. Releasing the button will deactivate the relay. The receiver also includes a learning mode that allows it to be programmed to listen to several compatible transmitters:

These units are based on the PT2262 & PT2272 315MHz transmitter and receiver IC which means they are compatible with our 315MHz PT2262 wireless transmitter/receiver module.

The transmitter module includes a 12V 23AE alkaline battery and the receiver module can be powered by a 12V DC supply via its screw terminals. Also included with this set is a durable ABS case to house the receiver module. Please note that this case is a standard fuse box and you may need to modify it for cable access.